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Buying Charms By Intent

Buying charms with intent to bring or attract happiness, love, wealth, abundance, prosperity, health, and etc.

Have you ever think or act that way? If yes, then I am certain that you have gone through some challenges that made you become aware of the universal law, “what you get, is what you attract”. Some people bring more drama into their life. But hey we’re not going to talk about that here 🙂 We want you to attract the goodness of life through the symbolic meaning of our products.

Example: Yin and Yang Charm

A quick understanding of this symbol where it says, “there’s good in the bad; a bad in the good.” simply means balance. In life, we do need balance. If you’re intent is to attract balance in your life then this Yin and Yang Charm is what you definitely need.

So what’s your buying intent? 🙂


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