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An eye-catcher way to intrigue a person about your name? :)

Isn’t it great to wear a charm that represents the first letter of your name in an eye-catcher way? 🙂 There’s a chance that somebody will ask for the meaning of the letter or initial that you are wearing as a charm. Think outside of the box, it could be a conversation starter with any person who’s intrigued with your initial charm and you might end up meeting new friends or your potential future partner 😀

Check out this wonderful product that might lead you to attract new people in your life. 🙂 http://www.beadscreation4u.com/product/fresh-water-pearl-initial-charm-cz-micro-pave-letter-a-to-z-charm-letter-charms-alphabet-charm-gold-initial-pendant-11x15mm-cp606-l610/

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